The Misfits Theology Club exists to create communities that allow a space and environment for those particularly from the Christian Faith who feel like they cannot wrestle through questions of the faith with their friends, family, and or church.

We foster a community in which people can question, dialogue and disagree freely while still feeling like they belong. We promote charity towards diversity, and disagreement. Although our existence came about to support people in the Christian faith or those coming from such a background, persons from other faiths and secular backgrounds are also more than welcome.

Here at the Misfits Theology Club we believe that questioning ones faith is not destructive to the life of a follower of Jesus but instead we see the Holy Spirit as the one who invites us into the journey of doubt and questioning that we may lean not on our own understanding but instead learn to trust God.

Our Three-fold Vision:

  1. To start local communities that foster Love and a place of belonging.
  2. To create an online community that promotes dialogue, diversity, and charity.
  3. To host events that influence established communities such as churches to invite people into their questioning rather than ostracizing them.

Are you a Misfit?

You may be asking the question is the Misfits right for me? “I’m not really a theological Misfits, but I would like to learn about more perspectives.”

Well then the Misfits is right for you.

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