Acts Wednesday: Chapter 3, Prayer, Power, Preaching

In our lives today, you and I have to cope with much the same kinds of things that are in these chapters—meeting people’s needs, dealing with people who don’t like us or what we represent, who want to stand in the way, dealing with discord in our churches and relationships, dealing with lies, suffering, injustice, and personal injury. The list goes on.

Forty Days and Forty Nights

Long after the rain had stopped, they were still in the ark, tending the animals, watching their supplies get lower and lower. God had never told Noah what was next after the flood. Chapter 7 concludes with an anxious sense of concern.


One truth the Epic of the Flood seems to be saying is God’s judgment of sin is permanent and universal—the Flood wiped out all that had the breath of life. The ark inhabitants basically started over on a new earth. The apostle Peter tied the Flood event from the ancient past to God’s coming judgment by fire.

Acts Wednesday: Chapter 2, The Holy Spirit

So, why did Peter choose Joel’s prophecy to explain what was happening? Yes, yes, he was saying what the Spirit was giving him to say. But, why Joel, in particular? Because of who were in that upper room, praying and waiting. Because of who were pouring out into the streets of Jerusalem, publicly prophesying and evangelizing in foreign languages. Women


Even though it seems like Noah building the ark is what saved his family, there’s a deeper truth embedded in what the writer of Hebrews was explaining, and what the writer of Genesis was describing. Noah believed in God, and he had a relationship with God. Noah was listening for God’s voice, and heard what God had to say.

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