The Redemptive Work of Silence: Advent

As we progress through this season of Advent, I have found the need to pause for a moment and think about silence as it relates to the incarnation. It’s not a difficult connection to make. Only this morning two of the carols we sang in church referenced silence directly: “How…

I Smell Universalism

I Smell Universalism Universalism has been in the airs these days. No doubt the raised awareness is due in part to the fact David Bently Hart recently published a book on the topic. Adam, my friend and co-blogger recently read Hart’s book, and that has provoked conversations between us. My…

The White Peacock

The white peacock, different, unique, one of a kind Living in a world of bold, brilliant, bright color. The white peacock, regal, exquisite. Yet, so different. Different feathers, different voice, different ways. The white peacock crosses the road, wanders the yards, away from the bold, brilliant, bright colors. The white…

John Calvin: And The False Dichotomy​ of Orthodoxy and Orthopraxy

For a lot of people the name of John Calvin is synonymous with Orthodoxy. He’s seen as a brilliant systematic theologian, biblical scholar, and the scourge of heretics. But was he really the upholder of Orthodoxy as so often thought. My suggestion is that he was not. I believe that…

1 Timothy 2:11-12

Paul wanted everyone, all believers, to have seminary courses, and to become fully equipped, fully mature, lacking in nothing, when it came to handling the scriptures. Interestingly, not everyone in Paul’s day felt they needed that—for example, people who already thought they had all the necessary training and learning. (I’ll get to that in about three weeks, stay tuned, that’s Dr. A. Nyland’s compelling work on this chapter.)


Summary of a This is a 36-page paper, exhaustively studying 80 of the 329 instances this word has been seen, so far, in the ancient record. The 80 instances she chose to study occur within the timeframe of Paul’s letter to 1 Timothy, therefore offer the most accurate renderings known to Paul, and used in his day.

The Wonders of Wilderness Wandering

Unwavering trust and dependence were forged as Jesus experienced what it meant to follow God’s lead through the Spirit, but also learn, unlearn, and relearn divine truths that he’d speak and do, for the salvation and freedom of the world.

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