The White Peacock

The white peacock, different, unique, one of a kind

Living in a world of bold, brilliant, bright color.

The white peacock, regal, exquisite.

Yet, so different. Different feathers, different voice, different ways.

The white peacock crosses the road, wanders the yards, away from the bold, brilliant, bright colors.

The white peacock, different, unique, one of a kind, and alone.



One day in a flash of anger, a moment of hurry and impatience,

4 wheels squash the white, different, unique, one of a kind, lonely peacock.

Feathers fly through the air, voice blocked and rejected,



and alone.

This piece is dedicated to the white peacock, who made its way through life on South Tropical Trail, Merritt Island, FL.

Becky Grisell. 8.29.18

Becky is a Spiritual Director as well as the founder and curator of Cascade Ministries. Becky and her husband David, a radiation oncologist and entrepreneur living in beautiful Greenville, SC. They are parents to three emerging adults, scattered around the country and Bibi (grandma) to one. She received a Master of Divinity with a concentration in spiritual formation. and Doctor of Ministry in Leadership and Spiritual Formation. She is passionate about people and their relationship with God and others. You can find Becky on Facebook under Becky Grisell and Cascade Ministries, IG at @becky_grisell, and blogging on Medium and The Misfit Theology Club.

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