We’ll Take It From Here

76a7d2f1-bdcc-44d2-805e-21b79e5a02d3The gospel isn’t yours anymore 

You don’t get to mandate how it is shared 

The pleas from the disadvantaged, the downtrodden, the despised; warned you, but you rejected their counsel 

You have participated in the great mockery of the faith, letting go of your previous convictions —

While the grifter of the century set up his new government, you applauded and worshipped a man made gold-toned fool

“For such a time as this”, you reasoned, as you sought to justify your advanced ideology 

Enmeshing your beliefs with likeminded exceptionalists, you formed his loyal base 

Your dearly departed heroes would not approve of what you have allowed to occur;

The spectacle of fawning over a wannabe strong man, while the cries from your neighbors ring out through the streets 

Where is the love for them? Is it all reserved for the whims of the ruler?

The resistance is growing; despite the weariness, the sadness, the anguish

Solutions are uncommon during pandemics, other than staying home to stay safe  

So many bodies corrupted by disease and unknown future names of casualties 

There is no politicking that can delay or stop spreading the virus, despite the buffoonery “bad ratings”

Your spirited gatherings were ill-conceived and have ironically contributed to many illnesses and deaths

Your chosen leader didn’t care enough about the health and well-being of you and your neighbors, and now your safety is uncertain 

So, we’ll take it from here ….

We will bring the good news of the Saviour to the lost, the hurting and those existing in actual deplorable conditions 

We will not tolerate the wickedness of using the scriptures as a prop, in front of a church, besides countless other schemes

So, we’ll take it from here ….

Your ministry has been reduced to dross, as you continue to enable the blasphemer and his circle of sycophants

The modern “heroes” of the faith have left the holy temple, sacrificing their souls in the process

We’ll take it from here. 

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