Schrodinger’s Cat, the Limits of the Possible, and Hope for Eternity

Thus, the only time we make the wrong decision is when we’re not thinking far enough ahead. In an infinity, we have both an infinite amount of future time to consider, but also an infinite amount of time to learn to think farther ahead.

The Not-So-Secret Evangelical Problem Exposed by the Atlanta Massage Parlor Murders

That’s the evangelical story of the purity culture generation. Thankfully it hasn’t always ended in gun violence, but it certainly produced lots of abuse and mistreatment, ruined relationships and marriages, and made a lot of people really unhealthy when it comes to sex.

On Someone Yelling the N-Word in Public

So when someone uses the N-word, an apology really can’t be “enough,” but something does have to be “enough,” if we’re really working for the redemption and reconciliation of all people. I suspect, though, the “enough” is not something you can ever do after the fact; it’s work that needs to be done before.

Reflection on Peace and Division

If we are committed to one another, to serving one another, to seeing and hearing each other as human beings – beloved children of God – then we can truly be about the business of making peace. Not a stalemate or a truce, but genuine community that’s won through the hard work of naming and facing our divisions.

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