In such a beautiful place, with great mounds of gold and silver, with every possible treasure, a magical place with the music of rippling rivers, peaceful breezes, and joyful flowers, the harmony of wholeness and health, there was warning.

Day 7, It Is Finished

The church, then, is to be the display of God’s original intent—that humanity together, without ranking, govern not each other, but the earth, with the same pleasure, grace, joy, satisfaction, and measured time that God Himself has.

Filling the Form

God designed humanity to prosper and be blessed according to the principles in His law, just like our universe prospers and blesses us because it works as it was designed to do, it follows the laws of physics and nature.

Weighty Mysteries

From tranquility to tumult, covering a vast span of time and yet also the tiniest increment of a moment, less than a blink, God spoke, and it was so. God spoke the equation for light, a language we now know, the language of physics, and there was light.

“So I opened my mouth, and he gave me the scroll to eat.”

I had been given a book, this beautiful book. Books must be read; it was my duty, and my responsibility. I had been entrusted with it, I must honor the trust. I suspected that it would have something in it about Jesus.

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