So….Faithful readers and listeners to our blog and podcast….That means you Grandma Gabe, We’ve got some really exciting things planned for the future of The Misfits Theology Club! But first a quick note on why were doing these exciting new things.
There are too many people, myself included, who go through a deconstruction of their faith, are alienated because of that new faith, and then become bitter and jaded towards their spiritual parents. And all they end up doing is alienating and un-constructively criticizing their former tradition/denomination in the very same ways that that tradition/denomination ostracized and demonized them. If that wasn’t enough not only do we criticize, but thats all we do. Which is not prophetic at all. I of course am extremely guilty of this myself. The Prophetic call is not only to criticize  but to show a better way. I think Richard Rohr says it best,”The best criticism of the bad is the practice of the better.”
Now of course I understand why we become bitter and jaded, but if we really trust Jesus and what he calls us too, then we can’t stay there. We have to move beyond “their wrong and I’m right.” We have to move beyond our hurt and pain caused by our former traditions, churches, and mentors we looked up to. That doesn’t mean we ignore the suffering, but it does mean we actively choose to allow that suffering to lead us to Jesus, and unto transformation. Richard Rohr says something to the effect of, “If we do not allow our pain and suffering to transform us, we will necessarily transmit our suffering and pain onto others.” And when we do that we just continue the polarization and hatred that is far too common in the church and in our nation. But I also want to say that its okay to be in that place of anger and hurt for awhile, Jesus is there right along side of us, but he’s calling us to a better place of healing and restoration. Here at Misfits we want to be truly Prophetic, and that means moving beyond the hurt, anger, and bitterness to follow Jesus to that place of reconciliation, its means practicing the better rather than just than just pointing out all the ways everyone else is doing it wrong. The way of Jesus is the way of Love and that must be our first priority, and love always seeks reconciliation, healing and restoration.
With all that said we have realized that in order to accomplish such a prophetic task we must have voices from across the ecumenical (all denominations and Christian traditions) board. We are intentionally looking for new bloggers from the following backgrounds; Liberal, Conservative, Female, Male, Minorities, Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Mainline Protestant, and Evangelical Protestant, etc. All who call on the name of Jesus are welcomed to this Table, all who seek Jesus may join us, and we seek to love one another as Christ taught us, and showed us by the example of his life. The Church has too often failed to love one another, and the world consequently does not recognize us as followers of The True Christ.
With all that said, we have three new full time bloggers who I would like to introduce. (Our full time bloggers are committed to at least two articles a month) I am so proud to call these men brothers in Christ, and brothers in Misfits. (And hopefully soon I will be proud to call some new sisters in Christ to Misfits! Women and minorities are terribly under represented in the church)
Our new full-time Bloggers are, drumroll please!
Nathan Roach:
Tyler Martin:
Darrian Broom: (although Darrian has already been a quest blogger, so hopefully your already familiar with him!)
We are hoping to have more diverse voices on our blog soon, so keep an eye out for articles from these guys and for any new bloggers in the near future!