I find myself on Merritt Island in the state of Florida. And it is Mango Season – do you hear my joy? I love mangos! Have you ever thought of enjoying a mango as a super-fast highway to a little bit of heaven?

Merritt Island Mangoes, not just any mangoes, oh no, no, no…
Merritt Island, Florida
June through August.
Mangoes, Mangoes, Mangoes.
Beautiful, succulent, meaty, dripping with juice.
Purplish, greenish, yellowish, all melded together.
Ohhh the sweet fruit of the Gods.
Tommy Atkin Mangoes,
Thai Mangoes,
Odell Mangoes,
Valencia Pride Mangoes,
Sunset Mangoes,
Southern Blush Mangoes.
Firm to the touch, but slightly giving
Juice dripping down your chin, taken with the delicacy of the taste, eyes rolling back in your head. Pure delight radiates from within and filling the room.
A super-fast highways to heaven.
listen closely, really really close, you hear the delighted, joyous, explosive, laughter of God.

All Three grinning from ear to ear with mango juice dripping down their chins ….