We walked on dry ground

Across that which was covered by depths of water

Away from the chains

Away from generations of persecution.

For days we traveled in the desert

Dry, barren, unyielding

Grumbles erupted from pangs of thirst and hunger, 

Drowning out praises of deliverance.

What are we to drink?

What are we to eat?

Moses, help us!

God heard our grumbles and answered Moses’ pleas.

Morning dew became white “what is it?” flakes

Which we gathered and consumed each day.

Always just enough for the day.

On the sixth day, twice as much was gathered

Half of it stored

For the seventh day was Holy,

Set aside Sabbath to the Lord.

For forty years, flakes turned to “bread”

White like the coriander seed, 

Sweet as the honeybee’s honey,

Milky like mother’s milk,

Grainy like barley,

Bread from heaven.


We received six days of Divine creative provision,

And witnessed one day of Divine creative rest.

We worked for six days

obeying instruction and trusting provision, 

And sat quiet one day, in gratitude rest.


Physical and spiritual