Over the next three weeks, I will be posting a trilogy of poems about my beloved parents. The first is called Mom’s Feet.




“Ah how beautiful the feet of those on the mountain who declare the

good news of victory, of peace and liberation” Isaiah 52:7

Mom’s feet

have traveled up the side of Mt. Kilimanjaro

walked on the sands of the Indian Ocean

navigated airports on most every continent

huffed along cobblestone streets in Portugal

felt the summer sun of Diamond Lake and the icy cold snow of many Minnesota winters.

Mom’s feet

have sprinted after grandchildren

tiptoed beside the bed as her beloved momma met Jesus

entered countless statuaries and chapels and synagogues and prayer rooms to worship her Beloved.

have sweated in mud huts

labored along dust consumed trails

treaded rocky paths

stood for hours at a time

to bring life and hope and promise.

Mom’s feet

tell story after story after story

kicking ball

playing hopscotch

walking down a road to visit a friend

loving life

loving others

loving Jesus.

Mom’s feet

beautiful and brittle with years and arthritis

beautiful and entombed with neuropathy

with pain in every step.

tell story after story after story

sorrow and joy

pain and love

death and life

Mom’s beautiful

beautiful feet.

I want feet just like my mom’s.