The Bible Alone is Not the Word of God

I can already hear the accusations of heresy. Let me clarify; the Bible, by itself, interpreted by yourself, is NOT the word of God. Listen, if you’re a believer you are part of the body of Christ which is his church. Therefore, the Spirit of God lives in you. Let…

Christianity and the Art Xenophobia

Only those who have the courage to suspend their discomfort long enough to self-reflect and disentangle their fear from the presence of their other, will see that there is a third way. We don’t always need to fight or run, we can also choose to embrace our discomfort and explore it. It takes a stronger, more mature individual to extend compassion and openness to our other, whom by the way, is just as uncomfortable with the experience as you.

Incarnational discipleship: a gospel that crosses cultures | pt. II

Spirit-guided & diffusion-spread discipleship Series disclaimer… This series is taken from a paper written for a course in seminary structured around cross-cultural evangelism. I have divided this work into three parts for ease of reading (with some minor edits to fit this context). In this series I hope to express…

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