“No, I can’t take this…nope, not this either…nope, ya gotta haul this all away.” We thought for sure Goodwill would throw confetti, and trot out the welcome band for us. Not a chance. My husband Dave and I stood dumbfounded. We were in the process of helping one of our…


We are starting a new series for Saturday morning, a devotional series that we hope eventually to develop into a book. “We” are my three adult children and I–Natasha, Mari, and Julia, and me, Joanne. Please let us know how this series strikes you, as we very much want it…


Even though it seems like Noah building the ark is what saved his family, there’s a deeper truth embedded in what the writer of Hebrews was explaining, and what the writer of Genesis was describing. Noah believed in God, and he had a relationship with God. Noah was listening for God’s voice, and heard what God had to say.


In some way, God promises that when all the weeping is done, over both the agony of victimization, and sickening horror over the agency of evil, the Lord will wipe every tear away. With unimaginable power, God’s pure and perfect wrath, a refiner’s fire or a launderer’s soap, as Malachi put it, will cleanse the entire cosmos one day, so that all evil is no more.

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