Triumphal Entry

Have you ever come into the middle of a conversation, and it sounds really interesting, and you try to get what everyone is talking about, from the context? I mean, first you are quiet and you just nod your head, “mmhhm, mmhhm,” and you hope no one has noticed you…

The Justice of Jesus

As I sit here thinking over the events of the last several months the Corona Virus, the heartbreak of multiplied unjust murder of black people, the closing of schools (I am a college professor so the sudden shutdown and the possibility of schools not reopening in the Fall has been…

Christ Is Risen, He Is Risen Indeed

The earliest Christians did not just endorse Jesus’ teachings, they were convinced they had, themselves, seen Jesus physically alive after His crucifixion. They traveled with Him, touched Him, heard His voice, listened to His teaching, spent time in conversation with Him, felt His breath, cooked and ate with Him.

Acts Wednesday: Chapter 1, Proof of Truth

Remember that Luke was writing a factual account of what had actually happened. He wanted to set the record straight and was counting on Theophilus to approach the evidence with an open mind.

Pluralism, Christian Universalism, and Christian Inclusivism

So I have a pet peeve. As Christians, we are called to be wise, humble, and prudent. Over the last few years, I have see many Christians condemn doctrines in which they know very little about. So much so, that the doctrine they think they are condemning isn’t actually what…

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