“Then God said…and there was…” God speaks, and it was made. God took the nothing interrupting it with a sound that created visuals of light and dark, liquid and solid, order, multiplicity, and goodness. His interrupting voice made the creation and continues to create. The interaction between God’s voice and the elements means that when God speaks, he creates.

If we were to peruse through the Bible, we would see how God’s voice has a creative element within it. From the point of creation forward when God speaks there is change. This change is displayed when an individual encounters God.

When Jacob wrestles with God, he is forever changed. The injury of wrestling with God physically changes him. He is also emotionally changed when God speaks a new name over Jacob. This name given to Jacob changed his identity within the tribe. This creative change started a whole nation.

Moses encountered God’s voice in several ways. The sound from the burning bush spoke to Moses from within the elements of creation. This voice spoke to who God made Moses and his purpose. Moses comes into his full understanding of himself and God when he encounters God on Mt. Sinai. The encounter on Mt. Sinai forever changed Moses from a questioner to a trusting relationship with God.

The disciples encounter with Jesus forever changed them. The living Word in the flesh is speaking into them God’s creative solution to a hurting world. Jesus with his audible voice spoke to the people. His voice healed, his voice brought wholeness, and his voice brought wisdom. Jesus’ creative ways of teaching changed people who listened and continues to change those who are listening.

Our part in this creative element of God’s voice is to listen. We are opening our eyes and ears to the creative voice of God. His voice continues to create, change, and see good in all that s made. Step back from the busy noise of this world and listen. God is always interrupting our chaos. He creates order that is from a steadfast love for us.