In the beginning there was darkness

Vast, formless, empty, and deep.

For eternity, I hovered over this dark deep

With images of possibility forming in My mind

Lines, shapes, colors

Sounds, tastes, textures

Multiplying, growing, readying to be birthed.

When the labor began, My minds-eye images

turned to Wisdom and Word,

Carefully crafted 

Then spoken

Like the sweetest of sounds

A simple whisper of “Let it be.”

With a puff of wordy air crisp light and expansive sky emerged,

Hard, dry land and silky liquid sea,

Colorful, firm seeds and “reach toward the upward expanse” trees,

A steady, flaming sun and a predictably revolving moon, 

Oh, and a sprinkling of stars…just for good measure.

Then came the minnow and the whale,

Zippity hummingbirds and outlandish ostriches,

Animals of all shapes and sizes, 

Walking, swimming, and flying along the land, sea, and sky.

With My Hands in the dirt, 

I dug, pushed, moved, and molded 

Human shape formed in divine image:

Male and female

With heart and lungs empowered by My gentle breath.

After each creative breath and each image-bearing word spoken, 

I determined all to be good,

All to be oh so very good.

With feet kicked up, 

I laid back on the warm sand with the fullness of creation

Listening to the new born sounds of the Holy,

Resting in the Wonder of it all.