I’ve seen lots of clever posts around Christian social media today positioning favored atonement theories, often with some thinly veiled criticism of another atonement theory. As much as I love a good discussion about atonement theories, today I found myself appreciating what we (hopefully) all agree upon about Good Friday. Jesus Christ, God incarnate, suffered horrendously and gave himself in the most selfless, and self-emptying act of love the world has ever seen. We can argue about the mechanics of what was happening behind the scenes, but we all agree that the world was forever changed in that dark moment. Something happened on the cross that was earth shattering (Matt. 27:50-54).

I was reminded of a quick scribble I did late one night last year in a moment of darkness for me which was turned into light. I won’t say anything else tonight about the cross, atonement, or the death of our Lord. We have enough words written about it in the Bible and volumes upon volumes of theological literature to last through the next couple days. I’ll just leave you with my messy little scribble.