As Mother’s Day 2020 rolls on, I find myself itching to get out complicated expressions — some I don’t know how to properly articulate. So, here is my attempt to speak what is in my heart, through these words.

So many wonderful memories of our mothers, our children; mothers we have known and been inspired by; legendary, selfless “mothers” who were never actual parents — such as Mother Teresa. We all have a mother story.

Some women never became mothers, because they struggled to conceive; experienced the sorrow of pregnancy loss; decided motherhood wasn’t for them; or the direction they took in life didn’t lead to pregnancy and childbirth.

I am processing an emotional ache today, on Mother’s Day and I know I’m not the only one. The maternal bonds are strong for many women, yet there are factors; such as physical distancing and circumstances of misfortune. Despite the situations beyond my own control, I will not feel defeated. The hope for better tomorrows is gently leading me forward.

I feel the need to offer a poetic meditative statement for the women who are feeling less than optimal joy today. They may feel like they are the “others”, marginalized, forgotten, less than ….

So, for the remainder of today, know that you are loved, cherished, revered, appreciated, wanted, desired and respected …. because you are a woman. Reflect the radiance inside you, lovingly, tenderly and completely.


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