What do you do in an unfortunate situation?
What do you do when it seems God didn’t come through?
Many think that when someone is going through an extremely difficult time God should just rush in and rescue them. In our experience, we must admit that he doesn’t usually work that way. And yet He does.

Let me explain.

As Christians we are the embodiment of God in the world. We are the ones who reveal the presence of God in these unfortunate situations. It is intended that we actually embody the very God people are calling upon in times of need. If you think about it, you’ve probably experienced God in this way more times than you’d be willing to admit.

That’s why it is so insidious when people, who call themselves Christian, negatively react to the pain of others by saying they somehow deserved it or brought it on themselves.

Not only are we the hands and feet of Christ to those in pain but we also are able to meet Christ in the ones who are in pain. Remember, it was the religious leaders who looked at Christ on the cross and said, if he’s the son of God, surely God can save him.

Sadly, many Christians show the same sentiment to those who are hurting, “If they would just do what’s right, God would save them.” Or they might even say,” if they had only done what was right they wouldn’t have gotten themselves in this predicament in the first place.”

We know that Christ identifies himself with us all by becoming us all; by actually becoming our sin. 2 Cor. 5:21 says, “He who knew no sin, became sin.” Let us not waste the energy of God’s Spirit within us trying to “discern” who is right and who is wrong, may we simply seek to see Christ in them and to be Christ to them.