In order to make room for Monday Musings, The Acts Wednesday series has been moved to another location. If you’re curious how it all turns out, please visit Grace and Peace.

Monday Musings will be more about theological questions, and tough passages from the Bible. Hopefully, we’ll be able to have a conversation. I’ll throw in my two cents, and I welcome everyone else’s ideas as well. Pull up a pint, or a cuppa, let’s sit together and hammer stuff out.

Since John MacArthur (probably unintentionally) started a robust conversation about women in ministry, that’s where I’d like to go first in my musings. So many truly smart people have written some really smart things on this topic, and I have benefited from reading their thoughts, and going over the Bible passages myself, just noodling on the context, the overarching story, and examples in life as well as scripture.

Some days I wonder if there’s anything left to say! But, I think there must be, or we all wouldn’t still be talking about it. We’d be moving on to other subjects. Instead, the whole interwebs seems lit up on the topic!

My first volley came out last week, Has God Appointed Men in the Way God Appointed Levites? I’ve read this argument in a few places, and by people I really admire and respect. This week I posted part two, “Twisted Scripture.” I’ll be taking my time exploring this topic, and welcome any input you’d like to give.

And, if there’s something you’ve been mulling over and would enjoy a conversation about it, then please let me know.

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