If you’ve been keeping up with the Kardashians, oh, I mean Joanne’s and I’s conversation series (I really don’t watch that show) you’ll know its been long and stretching. Here we are at the end ready to wrap it up. So at the end of the day, Joanne and I just disagree, pretty strongly. And that’s okay. My perspective isn’t God’s, and so I think we’re able to both come to the table, share our views, have a meal, and leave the conversation knowing one another better. Neither of us thinks we have it all figured out and so there’s room for humility. Maybe we will change our minds or revise what we currently think, but it isn’t our job to convince one another. We can rest assured we are loved by God and thus can extend that love freely.
Joanne has summed up well all the things we agree on. You may be surprised at how many things we ended up agreeing on.  At the end of the day, we both affirm Jesus as the bee’s knees. He’s our only Jam, and we’d rather not use another flavor, or butter for that matter. As Joanne sums up well at the end of her last post, “If you had to choose between having a Bible or having Jesus Himself (let’s say, deserted on some atoll in the middle of the Pacific Ocean), there is no comparison. Choose Jesus!” Joanne seems to ultimately affirm Sola Scriptura (the doctrine that the Bible is our ultimate authority, the rule by which we live by and measure doctrine and faith), and I do not. But we get to the same place, Jesus; And that’s pretty important. The fact that we were able to have this kind of conversation at all, let alone on the internet in a civil manner is incredible.
I hope our conversation has encouraged readers to put into practice the act of charity when in dialogue with those we disagree with. Christianity is a big umbrella, and it doesn’t suit those who call on the name of Christ to start pushing people out into the rain.
Joanne’s last post can be found here Choose Jesus

Photo by Helen Williams on Unsplash