Genesis 6

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What's It All Mean?

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- > If you and I are going to grow in God-likeness, our hearts will also have to be broken over corruption and pollution. Like the people of Noah’...

Right!...What's an Ark?

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Ark Years ago a well-known comedian [] imagined what that first conversation God had with Noah must have been like....


-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “It’s all I had left,” she said. Noah looked at the simple crockery bowl, one of his wife’s latest works, lovingly shaped, and burnished to...


In thinking about the conditions the Flood story conveys about humanity, our own culture may not seem quite so grim today! And yet, this is one of the...


“Once upon a time there were giants in the land.” The time when Noah lived, a time commentators call antediluvian, a delicious word simply meaning “of or belonging...

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